Dufault Media


New server location

Our wonderful and graceful host has swapped servers, this time to prevent much if any issues. They have done a huge upgrade and got us centralized for now in Dallas, TX. As for the major changes coming we are going to be adding the live stream URL to the website,[…]

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Voiceover coming soon

I will be working on doing voice overs, they will be available once I have gotten the time and setup in place, but they will be available. If you are wanting to get a voice over done then please contact me and I will work with you on it. Thanks.

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New Site Design

It’s been a good year however, the site was launched early and therefore you had seen a lot of changes as they were made. This time around we have worked on it and gotten it to a point where we find it was just right and then we launched it[…]

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Schedule Information

Welcome and I would like for you to take a minute and make note of my schedule for when I do live streaming so you can tune in and hear the great words I will be speaking. I will also be taking live calls at the studio live listed on[…]

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